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Search Engine Marketing means better data equals better results. Deploy + Test + Tweak + Repeat. You can never maximize what you never measure or track. We are here to help our clients make more money with ppc management, we dive deeper into your online marketing to uncover opportunities for new growth. We take care of everything from campaign and landing page setup, to ongoing management and optimization. We’ll help you generate more leads so you can continue to grow your business.

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Pascale Media Search Engine Marketing Pay Per Click Strategy

    With a strategy in place, the time is to track everything. Implementing proper tracking is crucial to understand your users. Without data, we are flying blind. Good tracking means we will know exactly whats working, what’s not and how to quickly adjust to grow.
    Data driven decisions are the only ones we understand. No guess work, no gut intuitions. That’s why we provide a monthly, easy to understand PPC report that shows what didn’t work, what did work and what we learned from the report. Most importantly, you will get a clear understanding of how PPC is growing your business. Your report includes the campaign performance, keyword performance, activity, form submissions, calls and an action plan for the next month.
    Split testing means just that, we split your audience with different campaigns to understand the data from a broader perspective. We figure our what your customers really care about which allows for a much better understanding of their motivations and desire.
    Successful pay per click campaigns take time, and we want to make sure we are a good fit to work together. Through testing ads and landing pages, we continue to learn about your customers and what works for you. Each test allows us to optimize your campaign to improve it’s efficiency. We build relationships through tech and if SEM PCC isn’t right for you we are happy to find a solution that is.

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Professionally managed Search Engine Marketing PPC campaigns

What do you want to achieve? Increase sales, capture more leads, grow your brand or up-sell past customers?
We consider your budget, business + customer geography, the user’s experience and combine that with split testing to learn about your target audience. Using strategy as a foundation our team can create display + search ads that will help you achieve better results.


PPC Lead Generation

Generate the leads you want, we run pay per click campaigns that help customers who are looking for what you do find your business.

PPC Audits

Monthly audits to make sure things are running smooth with your pay per click campaign including custom detailed reports.

PPC Management

Analyzing your current pay per click campaigns and making sure they are working to provide you with the returns you want.

PPC Website Optimization

Increasing conversions comes from your brand unification and we can make sure your website is fully optimized in conjunction with your PPC campaign.

Google Adwords PPC

We can create effective geo-targeted pay per click search and display campaigns for your business.

PPC Remarketing

We can help you reach users that have shown interest in your business and keep them active.

Pay Per Click Landing Pages

Created specifically for the PPC campaign we can design a landing page to help you increase conversions from leads.

Google Shopping Ads

Get your product listed directly in Google’s search results to drive more leads + sales to your business.