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Social Media PPC, or Pay Per Click

Advertise Your Business on Social Media

Facebook, Linked In, Twitter & Pinterest Promoted Pins
, we offer social media PPC for any platform that offers pay per click management. In addition to having an excellent social media strategy, you can target specific users on social media by targeting interests, age, job, income, education and much more. Social media PPC is a completely different beast compared to PPC advertising on Google. The major difference is that you are targeting people while they are on Facebook VS people going to Google to make specific search for something.

Pascale Media can create Facebook PPC campaigns to target the perfect customers for your business.

Clicks from the Facebook PPC network are typically cheaper than on traditional pay per click search platforms like Google and the Microsoft Network (Yahoo & Bing) which makes Facebook Pay Per Click advertising an excellent choice for advertisers on a tighter budget. We often find that combining Google Adwords & Facebook results in the best combination.


What’s included with Pascale Media’s Social Media PPC campaigns?

  • Creating Your Audiences (Targeting & Interests)
  • Ad Text Creation (We’ll write your ads for you)
  • Help with Optimizing Landing Pages (We’ll find the best place to send your traffic)
  • Conversion Tracking (We’ll track your leads & sales)
  • Banner Creation (We’ll include images for your ads)
  • Facebook PPC Optimizations (We’ll optimize what’s working and what’s not)
  • Bid Management & Budget Management (We’ll spend in the right places)
  • Facebook Monthly PPC Reporting (Show you what’s working & the data)

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Professionally managed Social Media PPC campaigns

  • Online spending
  • Age, location & gender
  • Home type
  • Relationship Status
  • Income / net worth
  • Shopping behavior
  • Fields of study / Degree
  • Specific page likes
  • Hobbies and activities
  • Business and industry
  • Travel Methods
  • And hundreds of other targeting combinations!


PPC Lead Generation

Generate the leads you want, we run pay per click campaigns that help customers who are looking for what you do find your business.

PPC Audits

Monthly audits to make sure things are running smooth with your pay per click campaign including custom detailed reports.

PPC Management

Analyzing your current pay per click campaigns and making sure they are working to provide you with the returns you want.

PPC Website Optimization

Increasing conversions comes from your brand unification and we can make sure your website is fully optimized in conjunction with your PPC campaign.

Google Adwords PPC

We can create effective geo-targeted pay per click search and display campaigns for your business.

PPC Remarketing

We can help you reach users that have shown interest in your business and keep them active.

Pay Per Click Landing Pages

Created specifically for the PPC campaign we can design a landing page to help you increase conversions from leads.

Google Shopping Ads

Get your product listed directly in Google’s search results to drive more leads + sales to your business.