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Unmatched Service + Impeccable Knowledge

An Understanding from the Screen to the Keyboard

Unmatched service, impeccable knowledge & stellar tech support. Hardware and software – understanding the moving pieces in and out of your computer is how we help so much. Yes, our desks are covered with wires, microchips and coffee stains. We are ready to help you on the phone, by email or in person. With The Geek Guru Tech Support you get exceptional quality at an affordable cost. We are happy to help technology work for you.


We have over 15 years of experience helping thousands of customers address a wide range of issues and projects, such as network security, IT staffing, document security, disaster recovery planning (DRP), technology compliance issues, technology recommendations, video conferencing and phone systems and much more.

Tech Support Services

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We Take the Frustration
out of Tech Support.

DESKTOP SUPPORT. Set Up + Maintain + Troubleshoot
We format, install, set up, maintain, and troubleshoot desktop and laptop computers – Add or replace RAM memory for faster speeds, new keyboards or mice, motherboards, hard drives, video cards and other components. Set up and troubleshoot user accounts and software accounts. Configure, test, and troubleshoot network connectivity and wireless access for local and remote computers or devices.  At home or in office our expertise is here to make technology work.
DESKTOP TRAINING. Using Your Computer + The Internet
Take control of your computing tools; we can provide lessons on how to navigate a Mac or Windows operating system, teaching you basic functions like manipulating windows, connecting devices, and using keyboard shortcuts. We can demonstrate the basics of using your Web browser + Cloud Storage. We can give you an overview of any software included with the operating system, and a brief tutorial on how to use your music player, organize your photos and more.
WEB TRAINING. Instruct + Guide + Inform
You have likely heard the term, Content Management Systems or CMS for short. You may have heard of WordPress, Drupal and/or Joomla the 3 largest & widely used Open Source Content Management Systems. If not, we are here to help starting you from the first steps in updating your website. The content, or images + text on your website are all managed through a system where you login, access the content and change it as easy – sometimes you do not even use web code!
WEB SUPPORT. Code + Update + Test
Not every business or person has the resources to employ an entire technology + creative department with artists, designers and developers to implement web updates. Even hiring just one of those guys full time is costly. Something simple as updating a photo or adding new content could require expertise + time that may not be available to you. We are here to help with designers, developers, artists & those black rim techie nerds who love this stuff so much they do it everyday.