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We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to help with Tech Support and computer repair at home or in your office with your PC. This little Sony Vaio that came across our desk needed a little tune-up and assistance with making DVD’s play easier. Most would ask, why wouldn’t a DVD just play? Well, if you are running Windows 8 or 10 they have removed the functionality so a secondary APP is required.

The first step of the computer repair tune-up began with a virus scan and spyware sweep. 3 trojan viruses and 300 malicious programs. The standard Windows utility did not catch the malicious software. From our experience there are secondary champions on the market that provide excellent assistance with removing the nasty hidden downloads found all over the internet.

Orlando Tech Support - Web, Media & IT Business SolutionsNow that we have removed all the negative programs, it is time to free up some space. Windows will save what they call hidden temporary files all over your PC. This is normal so don’t worry. These hidden files help make your system faster, more user friendly and efficient. That is until you have a ton of cleaning that should have be done a long time ago. Then you have a huge chunk of memory taken up by these files. The Windows utility, Disk Cleanup does a pretty good job of removing most of the temp data if your wanting to give it a go for yourself.

With the viruses and spyware gone, empty space freed up we can update! Windows love to update, we see them almost everyday it seems. Staying up to date is critical and we posted a bit back on the subject. We recommend following a few good rules before updating and to review that information click on the link below.

Click here to learn more about Staying Secure with Software Updates

A restart and we are almost perfect. Two more things need attention for the tune-up to be complete. The Windows Utility Disk De-Fragment Tool helps realign and all the bytes and bits that have gotten out of line. The process can be compared to cleaning your desk so you know where the pens, staples and other 1920’s style desk supplies are.

An hour or so can go by before the analyzing and optimizing can be complete. This Sony Vaio is running smooth. Powered by an Intel i3, 500 gig HD and 16 Gigs of RAM with consistent updates this PC can be a fast for years to come.

To complete our service on this PC, we install a great open source program to play DVD’s without hassle. Insert a DVD into the drive and VLC pops up. Simple, easy and ready to work. If you haven’t heard about the VLC player it is amazing! Download, Donate and Support Open Source software. Built for community, supported by the community.

Orlando Tech Support - Web, Media & IT Business Solutions

Summary of our Computer Repair Tech Support Services:

$29.99, PC + MAC Tune-Up
$59.99, Virus + Spamware Removal
$29.99, Add/Remove a Program

Compare the savings from the traditional box store pricing + maintaining your PC will make it last much longer than if you didnt.

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