Introduced today by Facebook are a bunch of new features. Groups on Facebook can now better manage and grow their online communities helping members better connect with another. Welcome posts, member profiles and badges are just a few of the updates.

Welcome posts were a very analog process, or one that was manual. Open Facebook, login, see a new member and then type out your welcome message. This is a thing of the past now, automatically tag new members to give you more time in your day.

To make it easier for members to get to know each other better are member badges to easily spot group admins, moderators and new members to the group. Along with a badge comes a slew of publicly available information including how long you have been a member, mutual friends and what events your attending. Connecting users creates a better social experience and Facebook is working hard to achieve this goal. Helping people discover commonalities through these min profiles is a start to a friction-less connection. Good thing too, these mini profiles link to the full profile where users can add a new friend, message directly or view the full profile. Great stuff!

Also to help users, admins can now lock out bad user comments. We all get that bad seed who just has to say something that does not lead to a constructive result. Well now you can stop them in their tracks and can even boot members from multiple groups with a single click if they can go by the rules of the group.

Community Admin drive these changes, be vocal, interact and let Facebook now how they can make updates & upgrades in the future work for you.

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