Amplifying their continuing partnership today Microsoft and Adobe announced a pre-built integration between AEM (adobe experience manager) and the Microsoft CRM tool, Dynamics 365.

Dave Welch, vice president of Microsoft Solution at Adobe speaks to the desire to streamline the experience of a shopper, “The more personal we can make that based on what we know about you, it makes the experience more integrated for a customer”.

From the perspective of a Microsoft user it is about giving salespeople more complete data to work with. This is the age of data and without a complete picture, manual verification and DB cleanup can be a tedious process. You can understand their needs and sell to that if the information for a single customer is view-able in Dynamics 365 seamlessly.

For developers, the API had been previously available to become creative with an AEM and Dynamics 365 integration. But you had do put in the work, a lot of work. Both companies now are doing the heavy lifting streamlining processes with an easy configuration to share information so that technology can work for more people. It just happens, the data is in the hands of the people who need when then need it. No office drama between marketing, sales and IT to get in the way of your next sale.

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