One of those pesky Negative Reviews show up?

Don’t let a bad review frighten you, embrace the moment for improvement.

Business owners, managers, employees and all the other people working with you usually fear bad reviews because the world is now apart of your digital confrontation. We all question whether this will become a steep slope that has no end; everyone has this moment. A negative review with all the anxiety, should be viewed from a different perspective; a way to improve. A learning lesson for business owners, managers and all employees through customer service and improving your message.

Before responding to any bad review, take a moment to think calmly about your response. The response to a bad review is critical.

Step 1. Think about what they wrote and wait at least an hour.

Put yourself in a new customer’s shoes. They check you out online and start to read the reviews. Most of the reviews are 4/5 star but there is that single 1 star review. I would click out of curiosity as most people would too, simply to see what the bad review was all about. Maybe the reviewer is mentally quacked or they reviewed the wrong place on the wrong side of town. A friendly and welcomed response to the review could bring a new customer. Anything else may fuel a fire within the reviewer that may follow you online for a long time to come.

Before clicking reply have a plan in place.

Step 2. Plan in hand, show that you care.

Show that you care and make sure new customers can see it too. Responding via email privately has no effect beyond the single person. Guess what? The entire world can see your bad review. Now you have to let the world see your response. Future customers will know your business is attentive to customers and friendly while doing so.

Step 3. An empty sorry is just that, empty.

Fluff responses full of apologies will only make things worse. Offer a solution to begin the reviewer down an experience that you know will result in a happy customer. Discounts, managers contact information, or other specialized responses for the situation in a friendly tone are a couple of ways to begin crafting the perfect response to a negative review.

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