How does this help you? Easy, we cut the cost of your digital expenses.

You can hire the employee to watch them 40 hours a week to make sure the work is getting done. Might need a manager in there to help everyone show’s up on time and does what they need to do. At first it sounds like paying someone $15 an hour is saving over those high maintenance fees; only at first.

When consideration is made for the cost at the end of the month, there can be some shocking amounts of expenses when compared to a Pascale Media maintenance plan.

So what is a maintenance plan?

The way to save and grow with | Web, Media & Tech SupportPre-paid blocks of time. These blocks of time support the services we have here at Pascale Media. Starting with updates on your website, to creating the content for social channels and even fixing that pesky slow PC. Yes, we also know how Excel works and would be happy to sit with you guiding you through understanding tech in more depth. Now that you know what our maintenance plans are, you can better understand how they save your already tight IT budget.

Experts in tech at Pascale Media, while providing amazing customer service is the cornerstone of everything we do. We do not need to be micromanaged, we communicate every step, every time throughout the entire process. Structured project management leads our teams so you can get back to doing what you do best.

So let us do the math. Full time employee to manage social media and update your website content @ 15/hour minimum will cost = $2,400.00

Now, add the cost of the hours a manager has to oversee to assure the work is delivered on schedule and as promised. Wait,’s maintenance plans will save you at least 50% of just the hourly employee alone not even considering the management of the employee. Totally not a mathematician but I think saving half of your digital spend is a good save.

But we need someone here because there is a ton of stuff to do! Good thing we work fast. Lighting speed fast. No dial-up here, we get things done in a flash simply because technology is not just our job; tech is our life. We learn to code for fun. Being creative is our downtime. Hard drives and processors power everything we do, all day. Our goal is to save you money so you can grow with your technology solutions. Highly communicative, self managed, and lighting fast – what else could you ask for?

Well, there is more; Pascale Media clients who pay annually can use next months hours today. A big digital project or huge website update can be done this month using next months hours. Flexibility is key to delivering results. Your PC is not going to crash when it is convenient, sometimes there are a ton of updates that pour from your marketing department and we understand how real life works.

Starting as low as 5 hours per month with packages up to 20 hours a month, we would be happy to see how we can help. Contact us to learn more.

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Need some help with your tech? We are here and happy to help.

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