What that means for social media marketers?
You can track your story views per week or month and the amount of view time.

Understanding the growth potential of the Snapchat platform, providing analytics to creator’s is the first step for the mobile APP giant to being to overtake other competitors including Facebook and Instagram.

Let us be honest, Snapchat has always been terrible with analytics. Like seriously bad. To provide your worth to sponsors, Snapchat creators would have to screenshot their story to verify their daily views. Yes, screenshot which sound absolutely terrible and to make it even more difficult when the story expired after 24 hours so did the analytics.

Snapchat grows with Creator Analytics | PascaleMedia.com Web, Media & Tech Support

Starting on Valentine’s Day, tens of thousands of creators who official stories or have large following will start seeing a slew of new info on their Snapchat profile. Some of the new features include:

– Time Spent on Stories (minutes), spanning from the previous week, month and YTD (year to date)
– Daily viewers, average time for unique viewers and data if they finished watching the story
– Total Story Views, spanning from the previous week, month and YTD (year to date)
– Interests of your audience, like film and TV, food, fashion , and sports
– Demographics like top age of your audience, their geographic regions and even gender

Following Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel’s strategy focusing on creators in 2018 by saying Snapchat will be ‘building more distributions and monetizing opportunities for these creators.’

The days of finding unofficial third party apps to track your analytics in Snapchat at an premium should begin to wain. Besides not always providing complete data, logins were required to secure these insights which can pose serious security concerns. With the data available and packaged within the Snapchat App creators can streamline their administrative responsibilities allowing for more time for content creation. A smart move to gain more content and traction with a user base that is outpacing competitors like Facebook at an exponential rate.

Helping creators with the new analytics shows their total reach to secure sponsored content or product placement, post refinement to cater to their audience and provide comparisons against other platforms. For example, Company A probably does not care if a creator has half a million views a day until it relates to their business reach. If the creator can show the target market audience gender, age and location who has interests that align with Company A, the business can justify the spend for the creator to feature their product.

More data = more opportunity to cultivate and create for your target audience; Snapchat understands this and we are excited to see the changes coming in the coming year.

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