Today Instagram says, they are making the tool and new format for sponsored posts for influencers available to all accounts that access it’s insights data.

First introduced in June to select accounts, the access to the tool had grown substantially over the coming months.

So what are we talking about? Celebrities and other popular users (the people with those ridiculous million + followers) obviously have sponsors and paid advertisements all over their feed. Now these influencers can identify the posts that are made by the advertiser. 

Sponsored posts for influencers on Instagram moving to new format

You will see in your feed a new standard for the sponsored posts. Above the post is “paid partnership with” followed by the advertiser information. From an insights perspective, as the paid advertiser you have access to the data about the post’s performance. Understanding how your user’s interact with your brand is critical and without data you can not accurately say what works.

Intended to make is easier to use the sponsorship tag + educate the community.

Instagram will start notifying accounts through a notification system and can detect a branded post giving you the option to tag a business.

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