Technology Tip: Stay Secure with Software Updates.

Every piece of technology needs those pesky software updates from time to time.

With security patches, new features, fixing bugs software updates always show up right when you do not expect them. Social sharing with your friends or in the middle of that business meeting and BAM! The message pops up saying it is time to update, do you? Check out a question below we have received and how to approach updates.

Q:  How does it happen when a software updates makes my device inoperable? Almost all software companies say to have the latest update, sometimes I have done just that and my phone/computer/app ends up not working as it should.

A:  Pushing updates to your device is critical to assure you are covered for the latest security flaws, newest features or fixing bugs that make the weirdest things occur. When you push the update, that is the key to how much you will be affected. Updates gone wrong have followed tech users since the beginning of tech. Hoping to fix an issue only to create another. As a techie, I understand there is no finished. Technology is constantly growing and evolving.

Now it is impossible to predict what the update will do. Likely it will fix everything making life wonderful but there are the instances that the complete opposite happens. The first rule of updates is to backup. Backup, backup, backup and that means everything. Photos, videos, documents, contacts – everything. Good thing most information is stored in the Cloud with today’s devices. Assuming you have it backed up will be the day you loose it all.

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Assure you contacts are stored in the cloud and you have downloaded all your photos/vids/docs to a separate drive. If you have custom APPs or programs, assuring a backup is available would be a good idea too. With a fairly recent version of all your info, you have not much to loose. If the software updates goes sour, you have you most critical stuff saved and safe.

It is a good idea to have backups done on the regular. Not only software updates can create a situation where you device looses files. Be safe or sorry – the choice is yours.

In the rare instance the update goes wrong a fresh clean install on the device can resolve most issues. There will be tons of updates, yes. The device will be like when you had it new, nothing personalized. Your saved files like your pictures, contacts, videos, and apps will have to be re-downloaded to the device. Not convenient by any means but always a good fail safe back up plan.

So, the software update has been released. Your personal stuff is backed up saved to another device somewhere safe and far away. When do you backup? The recommendation would be to wait a few days to a week. Keep your ear open in conversation and your eyes on any info on the internet about how the update failed. Most cases, a good update goes unnoticed unless it fixes something critical. A bad update that affects a large number of users will be all over the internet like syrup on hot cakes.

If all things look good, update knowing you safe with all you info backed up.

If your not sure your backed up or need some tech support. Contact us to learn how we can help. or visit our Tech Support powered by The Geek Guru for more info.

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