The new Firefox Quantum – twice as fast as before.

It’s really, really fast. The 6 months ago Firefox is half the speed of Quantum overhauled with a brand new tech from their advanced research group. A beautiful new look was designed to help you do what you do best, surf a ton of pages, open a million tabs and use less memory than the competition.

After the thrill of the speed has made it through your neurons the second the thing you will notice is the new UI or user interface. It is called Photon.

Photons goal was to modernize and unify Firefox while utilizing the new speed engine. Incredibly fast and smooth, the Firefox team studied web habits, real world hardware to create a browser that scales and is effective on all devices.

The New Firefox Quantum - Tech Blog

All new CSS Engine, Stylo.

Taking advantage of today’s hardware with multiple cores optimized for low power consumption Mozilla has introduced in the browser’s core the new CSS engine, Stylo. Another improvement in Quantum is the tab you using gets the top priority over all the others you have open allowing more resources to what your currently viewing.  All of this is possible by the employees and volunteers from around the worked working in record time to create the best Firefox yet.

Quantum by the numbers.

How many authors contributed code?

  • More than 700 authors contributed code to Firefox since the August 6th release.

How many volunteers contributed to code development?

  • 80 contributors from all over the world, with nearly every time-zone represented in round-the-clock awesomeness!

How many ways can you customize the toolbar in the new Firefox?

  • There are 265,252,859,191,742,656,903,069,040,640,000 more ways to customize the new Firefox toolbar right out of the box!

Information provided by the Firefox Blog and more fun facts can be found at the  Firefox Frontier blog

Here is the new Firefox browser in action (thanks to Mozilla for posting this on Youtube):

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