An Open Letter to the Board of Directors.

Being able to preserve history has been unbelievably rewarding.

Dear Board Members,

I am honored and thank the USS Block Island Association for giving me the opportunity to preserve the USS Block Island Association online presence. A great website starts with amazing content. Grateful for Jack Sprague, webmaster for the previous 9 years, the information he has digitally filed has provided a solid foundation for the next version of their website. Being named an honorary member of the Board of Directors has been unbelievably rewarding knowing I have taken part in preserving such a unique piece of history.

The goal for the association started with an easily updated website via the WordPress CMS, that worked on all devices and is Google ready. With the ever changing landscape of tech devices from iPads to smart phones, a website that adapts to all these devices is critical. As older generations pass the torch to the younger generations, the technology must fit everyone. Glad to say, we are there and the new website will officially launch in the coming weeks.

As a member I will do my best to continue the great traditions laid before me. I look forward to a rewarding association with the members. Thank you for this expression of confidence and recognition. I am honored to accept the invitation to join your prestigious association.  I look forward to meeting with you all in person at the next USS Block Island Association Reunion in North Dakota.


Nicholas V. Pascale
Webmaster, Board of Directors USS Block Island Assoc.

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