First impression are everything and today’s consumers do a ton of online research before deciding whether to make a purchase.

From your Social Media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to search engines for customer reviews and most importantly your website. Take a journey in the shoes of someone experiencing your website for the first time. Someone who has no clue what you do, what your selling and how much it should cost. Is your information clear enough so that every user knows what to do and where to go?

This is how many people will discover your business and when they find an outdated websites the logical assumption is the business is outdated as well.

Before you begin to panic thinking that your website is the absolute worst, take a breathe. Keeping your website up to date does not mean you need to spend ten’s of thousands of dollars on a brand new website every few months. Many ways to update your site include content updates, blog posts, new products or in the back-end updating the CMS assuring your website is relevant.

When Should You Rebuild or Update Your Website? | Web, Media & Tech Support


Quick answer, every single chance you get. Make time in your daily schedule or contact us for our maintenance plans which assist in regular update to your site. Honestly, it is not only important to customers but also to search engines. Their tiny little robots scour the internet for those tasty little updates they see as treats; and boy do they gobble them up. In the nerd world this is called organic search engine rankings.


Updating your website can be simple. If you do not have a WordPress blog system integrated on your site, maybe it is about time. All the websites here @ Pascale Media are built on WordPress featuring their proven amazing blogging prowess. Those monthly or weekly blog posts plus content changes relevant to your business are driving forces behind updates. Writing fresh content about products, or news tells both the search engines and your perspective clients that you are an expert in your field with lots of relevant information to share.

The Maintenance Plans @ Pascale Media provide professional content writing and website update services at a fraction the cost of hiring an employee. Results delivered with amazing customer service.

Now that those updates have been made the next important step is to refresh your current sitemap. What is your sitemap? It is a file with web code inside called XML. This XML tells the internet robots clearly what content is on your website. You can create this file through your favorite IDE or if you have a CMS there are a bunch of third party plugins to assist with your sitemap.


With Pascale Media Maintenance Plans all services we offer are covered. Content update, we got that. Custom code, sure thing. Cool new video, lets get creative.

We would be happy to discuss with you at no cost or obligation the options available to update your website. Yes, we also have SEO packages too! Our SEO package will tune-up your organic search engine rankings to the most relevant algorithms of the search engines.

Best of all, our maintenance agreements are no contract – pay month to month.


If your business has grown substantially over the last few years or your going through a major re-branding then it might be a good time for a new website. A general rule of thumb is every 3-4 years. Oh and your not mobile responsive than most definitely.

Contact us at 407-462-1547 or fill out a form on our website. From the web, to digital + social media to tech support is here to help.

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Need some help with your tech? We are here and happy to help.

We welcome you along on this journey through tech with us. Our site includes amazing stock images available from & free for commercial use under the CC0 License. We celebrate the community and working together to create something great. It all starts with a open internet, learn more about Net Neutrality. One more thing we love, Mozilla Firefox.