WordPress goes eCommerce with Woocommerce

More market share than competitors.
Woocommerce is WordPress eCommerce

When selling online, eCommerce platforms are everywhere. There are competitors around every corner. So which one is the right choice? When using WordPress the top eCommerce plugin is WooCommerce. A free plugin that offers the basic of an eCommerce online store. Products, categories, taxonomies and so much more. Kinda cool how much the Woo team gives and premium upgrades are available to customize your store for the perfect customer experience. Overall numbers do not lie, WooCommerce is the leader with at least a 30% market share.

Setup Up

Installing and configuring WooCommerce, the free WordPress eCommerce plugin, is a breeze. You can download and manually upload the plugin from WooCommerce.com or the plugin can be added easily from the WordPress Plugin library. From there the WooCommerce Setup Guide makes life so easy with easy to answer, or skip questions about your store to have you up and running in no time.

All WordPress websites we design are fully compatible with WooCommerce. If your unsure if Woo is right for you, contact your developer for more information.

Products + Shopping Cart

T-shirts, candles or whatever your product Woo has you covered with unlimited products, no limits. There are also endless product types from something simple, to a ground products, variable products or even digital downloadable products.  From variations for small to large or choosing a color is only the beginning. Plus, you have control over each and every single product in your online store. Managing inventory has never been easier with WooCommerce with their inventory management that allows you to set stock levels, backorders and email notifications when a item’s stock is getting too low.

Payment gateways in your shopping cart have many options. From Paypal and major credit cards but also you can accept checks, COD or cash on delivery and a bank transfer. Woo has a ton of premium plugins to connect your favorite payment processor. From there automatic taxes from geo-location give you the option to display the correct price including taxes.

After payment, the products have to be shipped and WooCommerce has plugins for all the carriers like UPS or FedEX with automatically calculated shipping rates.

Security + SSL

Site security is critical for e-commerce. Hackers won’t give up, that is a promise. Every minute your store is not live, is lost revenue.

CRM Dashboard

The WooCommerce dashboard takes all that happens with your online store and gives you the information easily accessed via the Woo Commerce dashboard. How many order are pending, the dates, purchase prices and even products sold is some of the information available. Use this information in these reports to analyze your website data to better provide for your next customer.

WooCommerce is not only a WordPress eCommerce plugin but a mobile friendly eCommerce plugin. The term ‘mCommerce’ refers to the experience customers have on their phone. With more than half of people purchasing on their phone this market is critical to be ready for. Now you will never miss a sales because they have a unique mobile phone.

PascaleMedia.com recommends WooCommerce

The numbers do not lie, the WordPress community loves WooCommerce and so do we. Controlling your SEO, inventory, and being mobile ready it is clear why WooCommerce is the easy choice for your next online store.